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花 は 桜 木人 は 武士
Hana wa Sakuragi, Hito wa Bushi

Among flower the cherry blossom, among men the warrior

The Japanese katana, sword of the samurai, symbol of power in feudal Japan

katane originali in vendita

Sakura Matsuri Antiques was born from an authentic and genuine passion for Japan and for the beauty of its ancient works of art. The city of Florence, a jewel of Renaissance art and bulwark of culture, is the background to our business. Sakura Matsuri proposes antiques dictated by personal taste and according to a single rule: art is what pleases and excites, regardless of objective classifications. Therefore, antiques, a direct descendant of art itself, thrive on the feelings of those who admire, appreciate and therefore collect.

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My relationship with Japan as a professional in the antiques sector starts in 2006, after a university degree in languages. Subsequent studies led me to deepen my knowledge of the Japanese culture and history, with a specific orientation towards ancient works of art and in particular towards the Japanese sword. I translated Kokan Nagayama's Token Kantei Dokuhon into Italian so as to make the study of nihonto usable in my country. I consider myself, above all, a merchant and I personally travel to Japan to select the works of art my shop hosts. In my many travels I have felt the respect paid to these works of art and with this in mind I choose those to present to my customers
Emiliano Lorenzi

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